Death: benefit payments for survivors

In the event of death of a married insured member, the Syngenta Pension Fund pays out a lifelong spouse’s pension. In addition, a lump sum on death is paid out.

In the event of death of an insured person, the survivors are entitled to the following benefits:

  •     Spouse’s or domestic partner’s pension
  •     Orphan’s pension
  •     Lump sum on death

The spouse’s pension is paid out if the marriage lasted at least five years and the surviving partner is at least 35 years of age or has to provide for at least one child – regardless of whether the deceased person was already retired. Domestic partners of unmarried insured members are entitled to a domestic partners pension, provided a domestic partner's agreement has been filed with the Pension Fund during the lifetime of the deceased partner.

If an insured person dies before reaching the age of 65, a lump sum is paid out to the survivors, in addition to the spouse's or domestic partner's pension.


How high is the spouse’s pension?
The spouse’s pension amounts to 60 percent of the insured disability pension or 60 percent of the current disability or retirement pension. If the deceased person is survived by children aged less than 20 years (or 25 if in education), an orphan’s pension amounting to 20 percent of the insured disability pension is paid out in addition for each child.

When is a spouse’s pension paid out?
If the surviving spouse
-> has to provide for a child or
-> has reached the age of 35 years and the marriage lasted at least 5 years,
then the spouse is entitled to a spouse’s pension. If these conditions are not met, a settlement is paid out that corresponds to 300 percent of the annual spouse’s pension.

How high is the lump sum on death?
The lump sum on death amounts to 200 percent of the insured disability pension. In addition there are the savings accumulated in the capital plan per 1 January 2018 and transferred into the retirement account per that date, as well as the voluntary extra contributions paid into the retirement account.

What happens on the death of an unmarried insured person?
If an unmarried insured person dies, the beneficiaries receive a lump sum on death.

More information

Download the file 'Regulations of Syngenta Pension Fund' and refer to 'Death, Art. 14, 15, 16, 17'