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Pension plan

Pension plan

In the framework of its occupational benefits scheme, the Syngenta Pension Fund insures the employees of Syngenta companies in Switzerland against the financial consequences of old age, disability and death.

In Switzerland there are various pillars in place aimed at providing for old age, disability and death. The first pillar consists of the state pension scheme in the framework of OASI/DI; the second pillar is the scheme provided under the Occupational Pensions Act (OPA); and the third pillar, private saving, is promoted by the state I the framework of the tax-privileged Pillar 3a. The benefits plan of Syngenta Pension Fund covers the second pillar. Here you can find current information on the structure of the benefits plan, on joining and leaving the plan, on the subject of retirement and on claims in the event of disability and death. Special cases, such as the promotion of home ownership or the benefits situation in the case of divorce, are also covered:

The benefits plan is made up of a retirement account and a risk insurance.

Syngenta employees are insured when they join the company.

Insured members can purchase missing insurance years in the Pension Fund by paying extra contributions.

Promotion of home ownership:
Pension savings may be withdrawn early or pledged for the purchase of a home for your own use.

The divorced partner receives a part of the pension fund assets determined by the court.

When you reach retirement age, you receive your retirement assets in the form of pension and/or as a lump sum.

Insured members with at least a 40 percent disability receive a disability pension.

The spouse or domestic partner is entitled to a pension.

The sequence of beneficiaries of the lump sum on death may be filed in writing.

The retirement assets are transferred to the pension fund of the new employer or to a vested-benefits account.

The current detailed regulations of the Pension Fund and the relevant provisions enshrined in law are legally binding in all cases.

For further information or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Syngenta Pension Fund.