Voluntary extra contributions: better benefits, save on taxes

Benefits can be increased by means of uncomplicated extra contributions. The maximum level of voluntary extra contributions is limited, however, and can be requested from the Pension Fund at any time.

Extra contributions to the retirement plan to purchase missing insurance years are possible at any time within the limits stipulated in the regulations – up to four extra contributions per calendar year may be paid into the Pension Fund.

In the event of early withdrawal for home ownership purposes, however, voluntary extra contributions may not be paid in until the sum withdrawn has been repaid. But this does not apply in the case of extra contributions as a result of a divorce.


What is the maximum possible purchase?
The maximum retirement savings can be determined with reference to the purchase scale in Annex 3 of the regulations. If the accumulated retirement savings are lower than this, the difference can be made up through voluntary extra contributions – subject to legal restrictions.

How are purchases treated by the tax authorities?
In Switzerland, payments into the Pension Fund can in principle be deducted from the taxable income. Since tax regulations differ from one canton to another, however, it is advisable to obtain further information from the local tax authorities.

Explanation of terms

Retirement savings: The balance on the retirement account corresponds to the retirement savings. These are made up of retirement credits, deposits paid in and voluntary extra contributions to purchase missing insurance years, as well as interest.

Retirement credit: Sum of contributions of the insured person and the company. These contributions are credited to the retirement account.