About us

The Syngenta Pension Fund is a foundation based in Basel. It insures the employees of Syngenta companies in Switzerland against the financial consequences of old age, disability and death in the framework of its occupational benefits scheme. Contributions, benefits and other provisions are set forth in the corresponding regulations.

Current reports and decisions:
Annual reports of the Syngenta Pension Fund and the latest decisions on interest rates. 

Board of Trustees:
The functions and composition of the Board of Trustees and all important information on elections to the Board of Trustees.

Management, administration:
The executive director of the Syngenta Pension Fund and his team – contact point for all insured members.

The regulations of the Syngenta Pension Fund proviode the framework for its management.

Anyone who has any questions or concerns regarding the Pension Fund is encouraged to contact the Pension Fund info line on Tel. +41 61 323 51 17 or to send an email. The pension fund team will be happy to help.